An all new Table Top RPG for your military vehicles! Little Tanks by C.M. Download the instructions for free! Just click on the tank

*Note: When printing out the board track, print page 9 (panel 8) at 105% 

Download Faster the Dragster Board game for free below!

A revised rule set for Faster the Dragster will be out this October 2016, I took a few things out to simplify the rules for younger players and made some new graphics! I'll leave the original rule set up for those of you who like the original - CM

Dana Flames is the Host of our all new youtube channel "The Diecast Daredevil Show" featuring action packed contests using 1/64 diecast cars and for the first time ever, "Monster truck wrestling!" the D.D.W.A. or Diecast Daredevil Wrestling Association!

The 2016 season is already four videos in so be sure to check it out the action!

Faster the Dragster started out as a fast pace board game back in 2003 and is surely becoming a top youtube channel! 

We introduced the original board game as a printable download in 2014 and it's free and ready to print, just follow the button and have your printer ready! 

 The game instructions are the Quick Reference and the track is the game board.

*Coming soon a Monster truck circle track game instructions so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for checking us out!